Pawn an item easily from home

The best loan with
just a few clicks!


1. Upload your items into your item wallet

Use our search engine, or take a picture of the item and we will identify it. Once uploaded to your personal item wallet, you are half way there of getting your pawn loan.

3. Pawn the item from your mobile phone 

Schedule a day and time for our logistic partner to pick up your item and receive your personal Melloon payment card with the loan amount on it. Your item will be securely stored at our logistic partner's warehouse. 

2. Choose the item(s) you want to pawn

Tell us which item you want to pawn and we immediately tell you the available loan amount and terms for pawning this item. 

4. Get the loan on your Melloon payment card

Once we confirmed the item's condition, you'll receive the loan amount on your Melloon payment card. You can now pay in shops, online or go to any ATM and withdraw the loan amount in cash.



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